Demo Center

Demo Center is an exhibition zone in the fair, where prototypes will be exhibited, in order to give more visibility to Spanish research from research groups, technology centers and private companies. This area will have an Elevator Pitch for the presentation of the exposed prototypes.

Demo Center: Exhibition of Prototypes

500€ + 10% VAT
Demo Center


  • Specific stand to showcase the prototype
  • Roll up
  • Presentation at the Elevator Pitch Demo Center (10 min)


  • Networking agenda to arrange B2B meetings with other attendees, exhibitors and potential technological partners. The online platform allows to arrange up more than 30 meetings of half an hour each prior and during the forum.

Communication and Branding:

Company logo in:

  • The Exhibitors and Networking sections of the website with a link to the URL or content of choice.
  • APP Transfiere Forum

Presence in the following media channels managed by the Communication and Marketing Area:

  • Press releases
  • Press kit
  • Directory floor plan located at the entrance of the event
  • Transfiere Newsletter (420.319 impacts)

Social Media difussion: Tell us about the portfolio of projects/products/ services that you will bring to Transfiere.

demo center

Do you want to participate in the Demo Center?

Déborah Pastrana
Tel: +34 620612976

Last year…

This zone was composed of two spaces in Transfiere 2019: Printing Innovation Zone and Demonstration Zone. The prototypes were exposed and presented in an Elevator Pitch.

  • Printing innovation Zone: 6 Spanish Technological Platforms proposed this space with the aim of making known the new technologies of Advanced Printing in all sectors of the productive economy.
  • Demonstrations Zone TRL7: Exhibition Zone with prototypes in the level 5 and up, in order to give more visibility to Spanish research in the contents of Transfiere
  • Spanish Technological Platforms, institutions and companies that participated:

3NEO –Spanish Technological Platform of Avanced Printing; PLATECMA – Spanish Technological Platform of Traditional Manufacturing Sectors; MATERPLAT – Spanish Technological Platform of Nanomaterials and Advance Materials; PAE – Spanish Aersopace Platform; FOTONICA21 – Spanish Technological Platform of Photonics; Spanish Technological Platform of Automotive and Mobility ; HP 3D Printing; SICNOVA 3D; Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA-CATEC); Tecnalia; Aciturri; AIMEN Technogical Center; Institute of Ceramic Technology – Jaume I University; Aitiip Technolical Center; AIJU –Technological Toy Institute; Technological Center CEIT; CITD; CEIV –Cluster of Innovative Companies Toy Valley; Eurecat –Technologic Center of Catalunya; ITENE; TRIDITIVE

  • Prototypes exposed in the demonstration zone in Transfiere 2019

University of Malaga (UMA):

  • MOTAM: Measures to Optimize Road Transport Through Mobile Applications
  • LASER LAB: Department of Analytical Chemistry (UMA)

National Institute of Aerospace Technique (INTA):

  • SOLID: Sample processing and analysis system for the detection of life
  • DART: high speed aerial mini-target

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC):

  • AIOL: shape changing intraocular lens for presbyopia
  • SimVisGekko: visual simulator for multifocal correction
  • QuickSee: wavefront refraction for professionals
  • Magic Windows

Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT):

  • Radio that works with hydrogen and fuel cell. The hydrogen-fuel cell system increases the autonomy of the radio with in relation to the batteries
  • Small Mobile Robot that works with hydrogen and fuel cell. The robot can be programmed and operated with a tablet or mobile phone via bluetooth communication
  • Wheelchair moved by a fuel cell

Paythunder Artificial Intelligence


  • La Atalaya – Badajoz (Spain): Eureka3D
  • La Atalaya – Badajoz (Spain): Prexenz
  • El Cubo – Seville (Spain): Ines Optics
  • El Cubo – Seville (Spain): Keynaps
  • El Cubo – Seville (Spain): Tactilepay
  • Bizcaya Open Future (Spain): LUDUS VR
  • La Farola – Málaga (Spain): Uvission

Do you want to participate in the Demo Center?

Déborah Pastrana
Tel: +34 620612976




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