12 FEB  12:30

Demo Center - TRL7

Prototypes Block Startups TELEFÓNICA

- Vivirtual: Javier Llull: A cognitive stimulation tool with virtual reality, designed specifically for people over 55, regardless of cognitive impairment

- Ecosegundos: Brayan Bermúdez and Antonio Barragán: Ecosegundos offers a solution for Circular Economy, returning material to the production chain, optimizing resources in logistics, offering accurate information on the procedure, boosting the local market and rewarding the user for taking care of the environment

- IDbAcoustic: Inés Aragüez: I+Db Acoustic proposes the implementation of an individualized monitoring system for each establishment that, on the one hand informs through a PPP to the manager of the establishment on the noise level in real time

- ZeroproHero: Daniel Marques: A digital quarry that uses the potential of geopositioning, data analysis, the benefits of video and all the science applied to sport

- Wondereko: Pablo López Garro and Ignacio López Garro: Intelligent storage device that shreds packaging waste and manages its data in the cloud.

- Axion: Cristina Peñas: The pilot is a sample of the Axion IVARelay system which, by analyzing the metadata of cameras with IVA (Inteligen Video Analytic), is able to interact with: Urban furniture, homologated security switchboards and integration in city platforms

- Odin Solutions: Andrés Navarro: Environmental control device; lighting management device

- Prototype presentations by Telefónica's startup ecosystem


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