13 FEB  10:30

Demo Center - TRL7

BLOCK Prototypes Technology-Based Companies CSIC

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC):

10:30h. Tafiqs: Oleica

• Eva Ramírez

OleicaStarter and OleicaYeast: multifunctional starter cultures composed of selected strains of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, with outstanding technological and functional characteristics, responsible for the development of fermentations in vegetables

10:45h. Microviable:

- Rafael Martínez

GutAlive device. GutAlive allows the analysis and storage of microbiota and to obtain a clear, readable and detailed report of results

11:00h. Datision:

- Andrés Torregrosa
- Guillem Allenyá

System oriented to the predictive and prescriptive maintenance for the productive lines and/or machines that are operating in the street or premises (vending, cafeterias, parking lot meters...".

11:15h. Colfeed:

- Begoña Ferrari

3D printing threads


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