12 FEB  11:00

Open Innovation Area

New projects and success stories: University of Cordoba (UCO)

- Eduardo Espinosa. Biorefinery of agro-food waste. Obtaining products with high added value
- Juan Gil. Development of asparagus and chickpeas´ new varieties
- María Dolores Rey. Oomics techniques in forest improvement programs, allergen characterization and food traceability
- Jesús Gil. Innolivar: innovation and technology for a sustainable olive grove
- Mónica Sánchez. Food films: The New Destination of Agricultural Waste
- Guiomar Denisse Posada. Web application, based on predictive microbiology models, to estimate the commercial life and microbiological risk of foods
- Alfonso Manuel Ramos. Expert Data Analysis Module (MAED)
- Olmo Linares. GECISO: Hunting added value


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