Prototypes exhibition

Located in the center of the exhibition area of Transfiere, the Demo Center-TRL7 showcases innovative protypes from technological centers, private entities, startups and research groups. It also includes an area to present the prototype in an Elevator Pitch.​

What does it include?

  • 10 minute presentation of the prototype in Elevator Pitch format
  • 1 access pass: grants access to the exhibition area, the thematic panels and the Demo Center-TRL7 during the lenght of the event (3 days)
  • 1 access pass with networking agenda: includes the above plus a networking agenda to arrange more than 30 B2B meetings (half an hour each) with other attendees
  • Space for exhibiting the prototype during the lenght of the event (3 days)
  • Mention in the exhibitor section of the website
  • Customised graphic support
  • *Basic furniture support

*To be confirmed with the technical department of Transfiere. Subject to availability and specific set up requirements. Dependent on the features and size of the prototype

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Why exhibit?

Transfiere Demo Center - TRL7
  • High exposure area in the center of the exhibition area of Transfiere
  • Possibility to showcase prototypes in different development stages (from TRL5 level)
  • Opportunity to present the prototype to private investors and investment funds
  • Opportunity to meet potential partners

Consult price with the organisation

Additional information

Furniture and graphic suppport:

  • Deadline for contracting participation in Demo Center TRL7: 14th January 2023. The availability of furniture will be subject to technical assembly requirements and will depend on the characteristics of the prototype to be exhibited.

Favourable conditions for the participation of research groups and spin-offs:​

  • Research groups and spin-offs coming from universities will be able to access specific beneficial conditions, having the opportunity to showcase a prototype for 350€ + 10% VAT (standard direct booking pack).

Passes included

  • 1 access pass: provides access to the Forum exhibition area, the content forums and the Demo Center during the three days of the event.
  • 1 access pass with networking agenda: includes the above and an agenda with the possibility of arranging more than 30 meetings of half an hour each one with other attendees during the course of the event.

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