Almudena Trigo

Chairwoman and General Partner

BeAble Capital



Senior Telecommunications Engineer, PhD in Molecular Biology, and PDD master (Executive Development Program).

Almudena is the founder of BeAble Capital, the President of the company and its General Partner. BeAble is the first investment fund in Europe for technology transfer and Early Stage companies, it is focused on High Industrial Technology (Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Photonics, Micro and Nano-electronics, and Industrial Biotechnology), it is private and independent. Our mission is to work together with researchers to transform technologies of these sectors into highly competitive Spanish technological companies, and accompany them (invest and support: "Smart money") in the phases of proof of concept, prototyping, scaling, pre-industrial plant and market sales.

Almudena developed her scientific career in two of the most recognized research centres: the National Cancer Ressearch Center (CNIO) and the Spanish National Biotechnology Centre (CNB), which forms part of the largest research institution in Spain, and the third largest in Europe, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIS). Almudena´s most notable research work includes her pioneering role in this country in the use of synthetic biology (a science that combines electronics and engineering for the production of biological circuits with genetic material).

With a broad international experience, Almudena has worked with the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) in France, a centre of reference in the aerospace sector, forming part of a team in charge of the design and development of a satellite for the surveillance of maritime traffic. Likewise, she has taken part in a wide variety of conferences and scientific collaborations with highly prestigious US universities like Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT.