Antonio Fernández





Antonio Fernández is Chairman of ArmanexT- Listing Sponsor, the first official Spanish firm authorized by Euronext to advise and coordinate the processes of incorporation to be listed on EuronexT Paris and Lisbon. ArmanexT is a company specialized in the incorporation of companies to be listed on the Stock Exchange, especially small and medium sized companies. Since 2012, ArmanexT has managed and coordinated the incorporation of more than 20 companies to the MAB (Madrid), as well as the largest platform of European stock exchanges, Euronext (Paris).

After more than 25 years in Investment Banking, he founded ArmanexT / ArmabeX in 2008. The objective of both companies is to help and actively collaborate in the development of SMEs by relying on the Stock Markets (the Exchange), which is positioned as the right way for these companies to achieve several objectives: to grow internationally, to carry out corporate operations, to retain talent or to facilitate the entry of new shareholders who will drive their growth and provide liquidity.

The rest of his professional career has been developed in financial institutions, such as UBS or Merrill Lynch. He has advised several companies on aspects related to strategy and growth in order to be listed on the stock markets. He is an Economist and EMBA from IESE-Business School (Madrid). He regularly gives conferences and seminars on the stock markets.