Francisco Franco


Costa del Sol



Francisco Ignacio Franco Duro, currently Technical Director of the Chair of Coastal Sciences at the University of Malaga, was born in Melilla in 1972. He has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Malaga (1996) and a PhD in Chemistry from the same University since 2000. He is currently a Professor in the Crystallography and Mineralogy Department of the University of Málaga. He is the author of 2 patents with exploitation agreement and 35 works in impact journals present in the first quartile (index h = 16 and 950 citations). All these works are dedicated to the synthesis of new materials based on clay minerals and their applications to solve environmental problems. I have participated in 8 national research projects since 1996. I am currently involved in research projects related to Ecocements and the analysis of the dispersion of clay minerals in the waters that bathe the Costa del Sol.