VALIDITY OF THESE CONDITIONS: 2021 edition of the Prize.


The tenth edition of TRANSFIERE, European Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation, which will take place on April 14th  and 15th 2021 at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga (Spain), convenes the VI “Transfiere Forum Journalism Award” in order to support the Scientific, Technological and Innovation awareness, with the aim of highlighting the importance of the work carried out by journalists and scientific authors, and to publicize technological innovation developed in Spain and its international convergence.

This Award is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. “Transfiere Forum Journalism Award” aims to reward the best media work published in the fields of innovation and technology, and to acknowledge the work of journalists and scientific authors dedicated to it.
  2. Submitted publications should address technological innovation within the context of the main strategic sectors represented at the Forum: Public Administration and Public Procurement of Innovation, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Agri-food, Energy, Finance, Industry, Infrastructure and Transportation, Environment, Spanish Technological Platforms, Health, Services and ICT’s. Publications which do not comply with these criteria are not eligible and will be rejected.
  1. Submitted publications must be signed and published in media channels, press, radio, television and/or official digital media during 2020. They can be written or spoken in Spanish and/or English. Only one publication per person will be accepted.
  2. The call is open from November 19th to December 31st, 2020.
  3. Two general categories are established for the evaluation of the publications received, differentiating between written and audio-visual works. In both categories, distinction will be made between mass media and specialized agencies.
  4. Publications in press (both in paper and digital editions), must be presented in the same way as published, clearly showing the date and page number of the corresponding edition, as well as author´s name. Publications in digital format must be accompanied by a letter, signed by an official representative of the media channel, certifying the authenticity and edition of the work. Additionally, a PDF should be attached and, for texts published in digital media, a link must be provided. On the other hand, works published in radio and/or television should be submitted in high quality mp4 format.
  5. Publications can be submitted to and and must be accompanied by the following information:
  • Name and surname, ID, email address and phone number of the participant.
  • Name of the media where the work was published with the date and the edition of publication. Or, if applicable, name of the corresponding online and/or audio-visual media.
  1. The organisation will send an email acknowledging receipt in response to the submitted applications but will not be liable for those received incorrectly. Hence, it is highly recommendable to contact the organisation if a confirmation receipt is not received after a few days following the submission.
  2. There will only be one award per category, distinguishing between written and audio-visual works, with a value of €3,000 each. (*)
  3. The Jury may also present an honourable mention for each category, and after agreeing it in the final evaluation meeting.
  4. As a newness in the 6th edition of the award, it will be granted, as long as the Jury agrees:
  • Specific mention to an international media / article, published by Spanish media in the European Union and Latin America
  • Mention and recognition to the trajectory of a program (audiovisual category)
  • Specific mention between works related to COVID-19
  • Mention to the best article on Equality
  • Acknowledgement to communication articles by scientific entities published in mass media
  1. The Jury members are representatives from each of the following entities:
  • Spanish Association of Scientific Communication (AECC)
  • Malaga City Council
  • Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
  • Andalusian Journalists Association in Malaga
  • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
  • Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)
  • Joly Group
  • Regional Government of Andalusia through the Foundation Descubre and the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (AAC)
  • Ministry of Science, Innovation
  • Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA)
  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)
  • Representative of the last edition of the “Transfiere Forum Journalism Award”, celebrated in 2020
  • Representative of the sponsoring entity (should the award be sponsored)
  1. Jury members will meet for discussion in early February. Minutes shall be taken with the decision of the Jury board. The award will be granted at the award ceremony which will take place at the Transfiere Forum -April 14th and 15th, 2021 – in Málaga.
  2. The organization will previously inform the three finalists of each category so they can organise travel arrangements to Málaga.
  3. During the meeting, the Jury will evaluate the content of the work submitted taking into account, among others, the following criteria:
  • working sector addressed and relation with the main topics of the Forum
  • innovative character of the topic
  • originality
  • clarity of exposition
  • scope and dissemination of the information
  • interest for the contents of the event
  • repercussion
  • Journalistic quality regarding the topic and drafting/production of the work presented
  1. Those received works will be subject of a preliminary sieve by Transfiere team. Purely Scientific works will be discarded.
  2. Finalists and winners will be Selected finalist publications will be published at the website of TRANSFIERE, as well as on the social media profiles of Transfiere.
  3. The award ceremony will take place within the celebration of the tenth edition of TRANSFIERE, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, which will take place on 14th and 15th April, 2021 at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA).
  4. Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

(*) Subject to the deductions established by Law.