Guest Country 2017: Portugal

Portugal was the guest country of the 6th edition of Transfiere. As such, the Portuguese R&D&i ecosystem took part in the different activity areas of the Forum (networking, institutional agenda, oficial events in the Forum, conference programme, among others).

Portugal is positioned at the forefront of different types of science, technology and Innovation. It has been recognized as one of the most attractive territories due to the synergies and facilities it offers. Portugal is now a “strong innovator”.

Portugal has made a giant leap to another division in terms of innovation and development. Despite overcoming budget problems, our Portuguese neighbor has become one of the countries with the highest improvement around us thanks to the efforts of its SMEs  (the main driving force behind innovation). Their key has been the close collaboration and the strong alliances between the public and private sectors and a great financing effort by the authorities.

Why was Portugal´s presence important for Transfiere?

  • Portugal has reached a diversified economy and although its service sector is growing fast, the strategic sectors of the Portuguese economy continue to be machinery and equipment, vehicles and other means of transport, and chemical products.

  • Thanks to the excellent and intense relations between Spain and Portugal, since 2012 bilateral Summits have been held between the two of them. The contents and cover areas usually are Science and Technology, and Defense and Security.

  • It should be noted that, within the group of Union markets, Portugal appears as one of the main destinations for Spanish investment.

  • Finally, it is important to emphasize that King Felipe VI chaired the Opening Act of this forum edition in February 2017, with Portugal as the guest country. It was a historic call in which he defined the event as “the greatest expression of public collaboration -private” in the field of R&D&i.

Portugal´s presence

The Portuguese R&D&i ecosystem was present at:

International Innovation Programme

Portugal had a large presence at the International Innovation Programme. The main table focused on the Collaboration Opportunities with Portuguese Parks (Tecparques).


The entities belonging to the Portuguese Committee were present in the Networking space of Transfiere 2017.

Institutional activity

The Portuguese Committee attended the different institutional events programmed in Transfiere 2017.

Portuguese institutions and companies that took part

Agencia Nacional de Innovación TecParques
Ayuntamiento de Faro
Ayuntamiento de Rio Maior
Ayuntamiento de Tavira
Biocant Park
Centro de Computación Gráfica (CCG) de Rio Maior
Centro de Negocio e Innovación de Rio Maior
Cónsul de Portugal en Andalucía
Cónsul Honorario de Portugal en Málaga
COTEC Portugal
Creative Science Park-PCI
Spin off CRIA
CRIA universidad de Algarve
Instituto Pedro Nunes, IPN
Instituto Politécnico de Santarém
Tertulia Algarvia
Universidad Autónoma de Lisboa
Universidad de Deportes de Rio Maior
Universidad del Algarve
UNKN Agency