Coordinated by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the first “Open Call for deep tech & deep science Start-ups” in Transfiere 2021 will bring an excellent opportunity for Spanish and foreign start-ups -currently working on deep tech projects- to increase their visibility in the international investment environment.

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Start-ups selected

These are the selected initiatives of the first Open Call for Deep Tech & Deep Science Start-ups at Foro Transfiere who will present their projects next Wednesday April 14th from 16.00 to 17.30h, Open Innovation Area

> The ‘best deep tech start-up’ will be awarded at the official ceremony the next day, April 15th at 10.45h; and will have a 15 minutes time slot to present its project at the Open Innovation Area.

Axyon Al

Axyon’s proprietary technology is represented by two main components: (i) the Axyon auto-ML platform (Axyon Platform), and (ii) Axyon IRIS. Currently used only by Axyon’s internal data scientists, the Axyon Platform is a software tool that allows automatic ML/DL-based predictive models development for time-series data. This platform enables data scientists to efficiently train ML-based models, resulting in reducing the time needed to build predictive models, and to avoid the usual mistakes associated with time-series problems, resulting in higher model performance and stability. On top of this platform, Axyon has built Axyon IRIS, the customer facing product providing AI-powered predictions and portfolio overlays to asset managers, hedge funds and trading desks.

Biel Glasses

Biel Glasses

BIEL SMARTGAZE are intelligent glasses that combine 3D computer vision, robotics, artificial intelligence and mixed reality to adapt reality to the remaining visual capacity of people with low vision, solving their mobility problems and improving their personal autonomy. The glasses obtain 3D information of the scene and the patient’s movement by means of a stereoscopic camera and other sensors. This 3D information is processed to detect obstacles, holes, traffic lights, signals, changes in the ground or any object that could be dangerous for the user according to the movement of the patients and the objects. The glasses then use mixed reality to indicate the detected elements so that they can be perceived with the patient’s remaining vision. The glasses also include other useful features such as zoom vision, contrast and light adaptation to provide a complete solution for low vision.


Bio Optical Detection

Specialists estimate that 30% of the total global population will have developed severe allergies by 2030. Unfortunately, available diagnostic techniques are imprecise and have high per-test cost and long waiting time for results. biodMOX, our ground-breaking diagnostic solution, offers precise results for a fraction of the cost in less than 15 minutes, allowing specialists to make much better recommendations for their patients. It consists of disposable biosensors which are analysed in an optical device based on proprietary and patented technology that is both sophisticated and robust. Only the biosensor comes into contact with the sample; measurement in the platform is contactless and based purely on an optical signal, streamlining the diagnostic procedure.



Delox developed the dryVHP technology, a solid formulation of hydrogen peroxide that enables the design of highly efficient, affordable, and compact bio-decontamination devices. Hydrogen Peroxide is a well-known, highly efficient decontaminating agent compatible with electronic equipment. Hydrogen peroxide displays low toxicity, breaks down to water and oxygen, also innocuous components, and leaves no residue, rendering it environmentally friendly. Delox developed an innovative bio-decontamination system composed by a device and a consumable enclosing the dryVHP formulation. This formulation retains a high amount of hydrogen peroxide within, releasing it in vapor form when heated at 60 ℃. The simple vaporization process enables compactness and affordability, while the hydrogen peroxide vapor guarantees effectiveness as in the gold-standard bio-decontamination technique – Vaporization of Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP). The Delox device can be used in every sector, democratizing bio-decontamination. Our mission is simply to deliver an automatic bio-decontamination system to everyone, everywhere.

Infinite Foundry

Infinite Foundry

Infinite Foundry is 3D digital twin platform that hosts the precise 3D model of the factory obtained from laser scan, called plant digital twin, to provide an easy 3D experience that drives industrial operational efficiency. It works in four simple steps: (1) Laser scan the interior of the industrial facility to obtain its 3D precise model including architecture and production equipments; (2) Connect the 3D plant model to the facility to obtain a 3D real-time animation of the production process for accurate assessment of the root cause of production problems. The animation aggregates automatic production machines and factory workers in the same scenario in order to detect human-machine interaction problems; (3) Run 3D production and ergonomics optimization scenarios to find the best way to solve manufacturing problems and improve operational efficiency. (4) Workers are trained through virtual reality where they go immersively to their virtual workplace to execute tasks.



We have mounted a machine vision module on board of the drones and fly them connected to cellular networks. This allows us to detect the location of the fire without human input and display it on a map while the drone is still in the air. What we offer: 1) Unlimited range of operation (within mobile network area). 2) On-board machine vision and automated object detection. 3) Real-time data sharing to multiple recipients. 4) Situational awareness with the detected objects displayed as a map layer. 5) All the above as SaaS model or hardware/software components separately.

Nucaps Nanotechnology

Nucaps Nanotechnology

Natural nanotechnology for nutrition and health Nanocapsules of Food Proteins, a natural, safe and efficient solution for oral administration of bioactive ingredients, drugs and probiotics NUCAPS improves people’s health as we help to produce better food, supplements and drugs by making nutritional ingredients stable, easy to absorb, healthy and natural. We offer development services on nanoencapsulation with nutritional and medical purposes with our innovative technology based on the use of proteins as natural carriers of bioactive ingredients and probiotics in oral administration. – Nucaps increases the absorption of nutritional substances by up to 30 times. – Can be done for 70% less costs that with current technologies.. – And we can increase shelf life at room temperature of bacteria from few days to several months. Nucaps is the first company in the world that has achieved encapsulation of active ingredients and probiotics with food proteins.

Simplicity Works Europe

Simplicity Works Europe

3D Bonding Technology works as an injection process which bonds different materials in just a few seconds. One easily places the pieces in a three-dimensional mold, and then with a polymer injection the pieces are bonded together simultaneously, creating a finished product without overlapping seams. This process replaces all the stitching processes, reducing labour power up to 70%, making the process cost-effective and viable to relocate footwear production back in Europe.



The spinning mesh disc reactor (SMDR) is a novel catalytic reactor consisting of a disc, that houses the catalyst (required for the chemical reaction) immobilised on a woollen cloth support. The SMDR is a flexible reactor which can be used for a range of chemical reactions of high monetary value in the fine chemical industry with reduced production times. The production can be scaled-up by the addition of more catalyst cloths on the disc eliminating the need for re-design to handle larger throughput unlike traditional reactor technologies. The downstream processing involves fewer steps and the catalyst can be re-used over repeated cycles reducing the overall cost of the process. This is unique to the SMDR and is an advantage for processes which require products of high quality with low turnaround time.



WOMENUP is a digital therapeutics solution for self-management of female urinary incontinence at home with therapist supervision. 1. The patient performs pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) at home with a wearable set composed of a vaginal probe with electromyography (EMG) technology. It quantitatively measures the pelvic floor (PF) and abdominal contractions giving digital biomarkers for accurate PFMT. 2. The patient conducts PFMT through a mobile-based serious games interface. The device measurements feed into the games providing real-time biofeedback to the patient for modulating their exercise in a fun and intuitive way. The app provides behavioural change interventions, self-tracking of progress, lifestyle advice to improve motivation and adherence. 3. The therapist receives the training data and can follow the treatment adherence and progress with a telemedicine platform, provided with algorithms (Machine Learning) that suggests treatment improvements to the therapist.



Semiconductor metrology system capable of measuring the full 300mm silicon wafer geometry with a lateral resolution of 3.2µm and a height resolution of 0.3nm acquired in a single image snapshot in 100ms while capturing 15 million data points. The system works by using a standard digital image sensor to acquire the intensity of the reflected, non-coherent light from the silicon surface at two sperate locations along the optical path. The two intensity images are used to generate the wave front phase which is proportional to the topography of the surface the light was being reflected from.

These are the entities that are part of the Selection Committee:

Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento logotipo
Eit Health
Link by Uma-Tech
Origen Ventures

About deep tech

Deep tech relates to technologies that require high level of scientific knowledge to be developed and high investment to be transformed into products or services that can reach global markets, having a large impact in society. The big challenge of deep tech start-ups is to cross the bridge from science to innovation.

If your company meets all these requirements, please submit your application through the following form. You will be included in our screening process.

During the event (April 14th, Open Innovation Area – Transfiere 2021), 10 selected start-ups will pitch in front of deep tech investors and experts. At the end of this session, the audience will vote for the best start-up that will be awarded at the official ceremony the next day giving visibility trough international communication and media opportunities.

In addition, the awarded start-up will have a space in our digital platform Transfiere 360º to showcase its success story to the Spanish innovation ecosystem. Find out about Transfiere 360º.

About the Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for SMEs and start-ups. The Network, supported by the EC, is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and brings together more than 600 member organisations. In Andalucia, the Network is coordinated by the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucia IDEA in cooperation with the Andalusian Knowledge Agency, the Confederation of Businesses of Andalucia y the Andalusian Council of Chambers.

About Startup Europa Awards (SEUA)

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an initiative of the European Commission and Finnova Foundation, supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament. SEUA is supported by the StartUp Europe Accelerator of the Finnova Foundation. StartUp Europe Awards creates an Alliance gathering the organisers of startup awards (accelerators, incubators, universities, startup communities’ leaders, foundations and businesses angels associations, etc) all around Europe and beyond, being a forum for the interchange of best practices and networking amongst all the players involved in the European ecosystem.


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